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About the villa

The Perfection Written in Stone and Wood

A perfect place to stay is the starting point of any perfect holiday. Luxury villa Monaco surrounded by olive trees and vineyards in a little village in Istria is a dream holiday home for you! With its beautiful terrace facing the pool and flawlessly designed interior dominated by stone and wood details, this is a top pick for those who want to truly enjoy and experience Mediterranean as it once used to be. Start your day as it befits in the vacation - extremely relaxed. Have a nice breakfast in the open air, on a terrace surrounded only the sounds of nature coming from a small forest that surround the villa. A big outdoor table made of solid wood lures you to sit a couple of hours more, attracted by a deep shade in which it is set. Spend the afternoon in the sun, relaxing on the lounger by the pool - or sink into comfort of knitted chairs in the shade of stone-made doorways. Fresh evenings are not uncommon in the continental Istria, even in summer, so the atmosphere of a romantic holiday will further be emphasized by the fireplace, located in a spacious, solid wood decked living room. After such a wonderful day, a tight, serene sleep is guaranteed in this piece of paradise surrounded by nothing but nature and silence.

The property

  • Persons (max): 8 + 2
  • Bedrooms: 4 (each with it's own terrace)
  • All bedrooms have king size bed
  • Bathroom 1: toilet, bidet, bathtub
  • Bathroom 2: toilet, bidet, massage bath
  • Bathroom 3: toilet, bidet, shower
  • Bathroom 4: toilet, bidet, massage shower
  • Bathroom 5: WC, bidet, shower
  • Year built: 2015
  • Pets are not allowed
  • With additional surface: 15,000 m2


  • Air conditioning in every room
  • Internet (Wi-Fi)
  • Gym
  • All bathrooms - floor heating
  • Finnish sauna
  • Indoor fireplace
  • Outdoor fireplace
  • Grill & Grill tools
  • Own garden and olive grove
  • Sheets
  • Towels


  • Satellite TV
  • Refrigerator
  • Dishwasher
  • Dishes
  • Oven
  • Microwave
  • Coffee maker
  • Toaster
  • Washer and dryer
  • Consumpiton costs included


  • Outdoor pool: 65m2 + solar heating
  • Massage pool
  • Outdoor playground for children
  • Outdoor jacuzzi
  • Summer kitchen with table and chairs - 30m2 (for 12 people)
  • Volleyball (outdoors)
  • 4 parking spaces
  • Table football, table tennis
  • Garden furniture (lounge)
  • 10 Sun loungers



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5 km


Shiny olive-colored pearl

Open to everyone, diverse and colorful - for decades, this peninsula is a challenge for those with high expectations about Mediterraneans, and so often they get everything they came for. Istria really seems like a miniature continent, hiding a handful of features that will enchant its visitors, and every part of the region can tell its own story. South Istria is a land of the olive growers and winemakers, the guardians of traditional crafts and hard-working people that lived out of not very fruitful soil. The fruits of their work are nowdays the source of our enjoyment, both gastronomic and pure aesthetics. Experience it as you travel through silvery glow bathed landscapes, gazing at the horizon point where the land, sea and sky touch and vanish into each other. Everything is so close and yet you see so many differences - like it made a decision to show off with all the best Mediterraneans can offer, in a plain wish to amaze its visitors. You can do nothing but let yourself go into that experience, admiring the blue sea that surrounds it on three sides, ending on white cliffs and sandy beaches. The fields dark red, copper-coloured, small villages crowded with stone houses, huddled like sheep in fear of a thunderstorm. You fall in love at first sight, promise to be back soon, delaying the departure, thinking how much time you still have to truly enjoy this piece of paradise.

What to do?

A pocketful of new experiences

If you go from Bonašini in any direction you choose, in a very short time you will come across some of the many fascinating destinations which this region abounds. Approaching south, the olive trees on either side of the roads start to be more common, thick and more fertile, which means that you are near Vodnjan - the Istrian "olive oil capital”. Few miles further down the road lays the ancient city of Pula, with surpriingly preserved amphitheater dating from times of the Roman Empire. South of Pula you come to the beautiful Cape Kamenjak, a protected nature reserve and a paradise for sport and recreational adventurers.

The view of Rovinj, the pearl of the Mediterranean architecture, is visible almost immediately as you go towards the west, and nearby is the only Istrian National Park - Brijuni Islands - a paradise for golfers, but also great destination for lovers of history, both ancient and recent, from the second half of the 20th century . To the north we come to Savicenta, with an impressive castle Grimani and a palette of great historical stories, with knight tournaments held even today! Then there is Dvigrad, abandoned and forgotten midieval town, or Tinjan - home of the indigenous Istrian prosciutto. In the east we find Glavani adrenaline park and the historic "Race to the Ring” in town of Barban, cozy bays and beautiful coastline... If you're a bit athletic, take a trip throughout this area by bike - and the experience will be even more exciting! Nevertheless, whatever means of transport you use, the goal is the same - to visit as much of its exceptional location as you can and soak up the southern peninsula with all your senses … Totally worth it!

What to eat?

Constellation of wonderful tastes

Contrasts. The contrast of the blue sea and green continent. Contrast of fertile fields and rocky hills. Contrast of Ucka mountain and river valleys. In everything, including flavors, contrasts are the speciality of Istria. Not only the seasonal differences in seemingly irreconcilable delicacies from the same forests, fields or bays. The contrasts also show up in the restaurants, taverns, inns, estates ... On the one hand, luxuriously decorated interiors, well-known chefs, emphasis on haute cuisine and contemporary trends, on the other hand, mere tradition in old-fashioned and sometimes cramped and smoky rooms where you stay and eat exactly as it was done in the past.

The contrasts dominate on a plate, with the bright green color of wild asparagus versus dark red prosciutto streaked in white thread, with wild white fish and charcoal-black slices of exotic truffles. Wine tells similar story, in a weird balance of taste - sweetness of Muscat and outrageous dryness of Malvasia, the softness of fragrant Burgundy and the bitterness of Teran ... The beauty is similar to the beauty of tastefully decorated interiors, where contrasts are perfectly paired in breathtaking harmony, still remaining original and typical for the north of the Mediterranean. If you have not yet fallen in love with Istria, it is very likely you will not be able to resist it after the first few gastronomic escapades. As in any place where you eat superb - here also "love goes through the stomach"!

Price List



Prices (EUR €)

daily weekly
A 06.07. - 24.08. 700 4.900
B 22.06. - 06.07.
24.08. - 07.09.
643 4.500
C 11.05. - 22.06.
07.09. - 14.09.
557 3.900
D 27.04. - 11.05.
14.09. - 21.09.
528 3.700
E 09.03. - 27.04.
21.09. - 26.10.
500 3.500

Availability calendar

Rent a boat
Rinker 260 Cruiser



04.04. - 30.05. 1.950€
30.05. - 04.07. 2.300€
04.07. - 22.08. 2.950€
22.08. - 19.09. 2.300€
19.09. - 31.10. 1.950€



Length over all




Water capacity



Shower / WC


2008 Open 8,79 m 2.59 m 0,66 m Benzin 277 L 1 4 1 / 1 HR

No matter how much one likes laying in the shade or sunbathing on the pebble beach, the most enjoyable thing while staying at sea is - cruising! Absorbing the beauty of the Adriatic coast is a great experience, especially from the deck or sunbathing space of a fast speed boat. On it, you can switch from the noisy and crowded port in an oasis of peace and discretion in a few minutes, whether it is a secluded bay or a remote island. All the comfort that is needed for several hours - or if necessary, several days - stay on the high seas is included in equipment of Rinker 260. Fast, safe and comfortable temporary home on the waves adds more to the already great impression at the sea, making it even better!

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Do not hesitate to contact us and make a dream of a perfect holiday come true! Villa Monaco is a luxury you can afford in a place out of this world - where undiscovered beauties of ancient Mediterranean meet modern facilities everyone desires during vacation. Villa Monaco can accommodate up to 10 people and is perfect for a holiday with family or friends.

Adjusted and safe for children, full of amenities for people of various interests and aesthetically stunning even for those of a most peculiar taste.

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